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There are two main reasons why we are working together to attract large establishments to Torsboda - the welfare of the inhabitants and the climate of our planet.

For many years, Västernorrland has been struggling with a declining population and an increasing proportion of older people in relation to younger people of working age. To reverse this, we need more jobs and more residents who pay taxes so that our welfare can be maintained and developed. In other places, the electricity-intensive battery industry has been shown to create increased regional attractiveness and growth. We want to see this happen here. This investment is being made for schools, healthcare, social services, leisure facilities and everything else people should expect in a good society.

Our part of the world has plenty of land and good access to 100% renewable energy. We have a university with cutting-edge energy research and several urban areas where people can live and work with a high quality of life. It is attractive for electricity-intensive industries that want to develop. We have one of Europe's best locations for industrial establishments linked to the green transition.

Our region will actively contribute to leaving old fossil fuel-dependent technology behind. Development is moving fast now and batteries are one step in the green transition that must take place around us. We want the development to take place here and for Torsboda to become a hub for Europe's battery value chain.

In the spring of 2023, Torsboda Industrial Park signed an agreement with its first customer, PTL. Work on further establishments that will provide additional jobs continues.

Economically, the investments in the industrial park are estimated to be a zero-sum game. The sale of land, revenue for infrastructure and fees for connections by entrepreneurs will finance the investments. At the same time, the municipalities are working on the social transition required for the establishments to become the basis for the good growth we want and create added value for our residents. The long-term impact goal of the investment in Torsboda Industrial Park is first and foremost increased population growth and more residents who work and pay taxes.

Together we will succeed!

Stefan Dalin, Chairman Torsboda Industrial Park
Niklas Säwén, Vice Chairman Torsboda Industrial Park

The mission
Torsboda Industrial Park Aktiebolag will create the conditions for the establishment of an industrial park with companies that generate at least 2,000 - 4,000 jobs.

Operational directives
The assignment shall continue during the period of realization of Torsboda Industrial Park. The company shall only to a limited extent own and manage properties/land in the long term.

The company shall contribute to a holistic approach, good collaboration and effective cooperation with both its own organizations and external stakeholders, with the overall aim of facilitating establishments. Efforts to market and sell Torsboda Industrial Park will be made in collaboration with the municipalities of Härnösand, Sundsvall and Timrå.

Financial directives
TCf_200D↩ Torsboda Industrial Park AB's shareholders shall ensure a financial scope for action that enables investments to exploit Torsboda Industrial Park. Financing of the company's operations takes place through capital injections or loans.

Company documents