Social media guidelines

Torsboda Industrial Park AB's official social media pages

On LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, you can follow current events and get information about our work. We normally read comments a couple of times each weekday and try to answer questions during office hours within our resources.

Thisapplies to:
will maintain a good climate of discussion on our pages with mutual consideration and respect. Comments should be related to the topic at hand. Freedom of expression does not mean that you can write just anything. Bullying, defamation and threats are often illegal and can lead to prosecution. Those of us responding to the pages are communicators and will not discuss matters of fact. We represent Torsboda Industrial Park AB as a company and do not express our own opinions.

The following are not allowed on our pages:
- Posts with the purpose of promoting products or services.
- Posts that violate Swedish law or the rules of Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
- Posts that we consider offensive.
- Posts that only contain a link.
- Spam (when the same post is repeated many times from the same user).
- Unconfirmed information or links to unconfirmed information that may be misleading.
- Posts with the purpose of steering the discussion away from the topic.

We remove or hide comments that do not follow the rules. If the behavior is repeated, the person may be blocked from the site. We may decide to hide posts containing links as we do not have time to ensure that the links meet our requirements.