Your rights and the GDPR

Timrå municipality is responsible for the processing of personal data on this website and other activities. Information on how to contact us can be found under the heading "Contact".

This is personal data
All kinds of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a natural person who is alive. Examples of such information include: name, social security number and customer number. Sensitive personal data includes, for example, health information, religion, criminal records, genetic and biometric data (fingerprints, voice, etc.).

Openness principle
Timrå municipality is a public authority and this means that messages sent to us become public documents. Personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number and e-mail) provided in connection with contact with us becomes a public document and is saved in accordance with current archive regulations.

Structured personal data processing
The municipality is obliged to inform you if they process personal data concerning you. Information must be provided within one month of your application.
An application for a register extract to the municipality must be made in writing. The application must contain your name, address, social security number and be signed. We do this to ensure that the person is who they claim to be. Therefore, it is not possible to send it by e-mail.

The possibility of requesting rectification yourself
The municipality is obliged, at the request of the data subject, to promptly correct, block or delete such personal data that has not been processed in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Act.If, for any reason, you believe that the municipality is processing your personal data in violation of the Personal Data Act, you can contact the municipality and request that the personal data be corrected. The municipality must then immediately investigate whether your remarks are justified and, if so, correct the errors as soon as possible.

If the data is not corrected
If you have not succeeded in getting the municipality to correct, block or erase personal data that is processed in violation of the Personal Data Act or cease processing your personal data for purposes of direct marketing, you have the opportunity to turn to the Data Inspectorate.

Direct marketing
The municipality does not use your data for marketing or disclose it to third parties, except in situations described below.

Social media
On Timrå municipality's websites, you can withdraw your personal data at any time. On Timrå municipality's and From Timrå with loves social media, it is not possible to withdraw your personal data fully/completely due to the fact that they are transferred to a third country, i.e. a country outside the EU/EEA. This means that Timrå municipality cannot satisfy the data subjects' rights and freedoms to the extent that the Data Protection Regulation/GDPR aims to.

If the invoice is not paid
Timrå municipality has a large number of different agreements with both companies and private individuals. In many cases, invoices are sent out from the municipality for various fees. For example, it can be childcare, home care, building permits and so on.

In the event that a case is transferred to debt collection, the personal data is transferred to the debt collection company, which then takes responsibility for the data.

If you want more information about this. Contact the finance unit 060-16 31 00.

Information about the Data Protection Regulation
The Data Protection Regulation regulates how the municipality and other actors may process personal data. It governs the grounds on which companies and authorities may process personal data. The municipality processes personal data based on different purposes depending on the activity and complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation.